“You're not a preschool teacher personality,”

mothering is a skill
you can learn to do

said my friend, "Which is the only reason I will listen to you!"

Meaning: I'm no-nonsense, not warm... blunt and practical, not sweet... and you won't catch me making cute mom crafts or even playing on the floor with my kids.

The truth? You don't need to have a certain temperament or official experience to be an amazing mother—or to enjoy it.

Montessori and other pedagogies + developmental psychology + attachment science + conscious inner work + Torah values + super practical and realistic

my unique approach:

Anytime I listened to someone else—usually in real life—instead of following my gut... let's just say, things didn't work out...

my parenting mistake:

Fear mongering, mom-shaming, parent-blaming or other mental junk that weighs us down and makes things heavy

I'm really not into:

Providing education so you can make truly empowered and confident parenting decisions... which helps you to really own and stand behind them

I'm all about:

Turns out I did have a pretty good sense of what to do, as long as I stopped listening to everyone else—which was easier to do with data that backed me up. I learned to closely observe my children as they grew and developed, and how to support them.

But the actual methods were just the beginning. Once I was no longer putting out daily fires (um, starting power struggles), I realized I was both growing as a human... and even thriving and loving this whole parenting thing.

My Instagram page started in lockdown 2020, when I totally wasn't drowning stuck home with two kids, to teach other young moms my motherhood transformation: know what you're doing → enjoy doing it → become your highest mother self.

I do the textbook parenting in real life... and then I share with you what actually works.

A childhood spent playing teacher. 6 summers, starting at age 13, as a camp counselor and head counselor. 5 years in high school as a teacher and principal. A Master's degree in education! You'd think I'd be more than ready to raise my own kid.

But... not a baby person, remember? Plus I had running lists, started in 4th grade, on how to be a good teacher and mother (LOL). I always knew I wanted to do things differently... but I had no idea how to.

So when my first baby was born, I hit up the library, reading every infant sleep book and actual textbooks. Then I discovered Montessori and started implementing it. It's been over six years of researching and applying all the parenting theories, from newborn on.

here's the story

For every young woman to feel ready to become a mother... and then rock it

my "why"

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real review:

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