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You've scrolled through baby clothing sites and spent countless hours comparing strollers. But that's not the preparation needed for a new baby. The changes you undergo during all four trimesters—pregnancy and the first few postpartum months—will transform you into a different person. Not just physically.

Emotionally, psychologically, and even mentally, we are rewired into a version of ourself that is uniquely equipped to care for baby. Get ready for this transformation.

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Why moms rave about this one-of-a-kind product:

✔ Entertains baby for hours
✔ Strengthens and exercises their eyesight
✔ AND fills their environment with Torah images for their subconscious mind to absorb like a sponge

Support your newborn's eye development with Jewish images

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    Be prepared as early as now during Pregnancy 

    Wish baby came with instructions?
    My all-in-one program, A Motherhood Manual, is your crash course.

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    "The best time to start parenting was yesterday. The next best time is now."