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What if you didn't have to "learn on the job"? I teach you textbook parenting that works in real life so you know what you're doing, from birth through age 6... and love doing it. 

The learning curve of motherhood just got smoother

Support your child's  development and bonding from birth

Find yourself in motherhood instead of losing yourself to it

Build a toolkit of skills and make confident parenting decisions

You could learn as you go along… but you shouldn’t have to. It’s too hard to Google while chasing after a toddler! And the first few years are the most crucial, with up to 90% of the brain being formed. Your kid deserves more than being a guinea pig.

You deserve more, too. You deserve to have all the information so you can make empowered decisions. If being a mother is the job of your life, then it’s a lot more fun showing up to work when you know what the job description is and how to complete it.

So I sifted through the research for you and compiled essential knowledge and practical tools. Like, how do I deal with these tantrums, and why can’t I stop myself from yelling? You know, all the important things that nobody ever taught you.

It’s not a script to memorize. It’s how to be instead of what to do. After all, you’re already the expert on your own child. Time to mute everyone else and turn up the volume on your own intuition.

Ready to become your best mother self?

What you do in the early years matters.

You’ve spent hours comparing stroller features and shopping for cute clothing. Actual parenting starts once they talk back, right?

But when you do try to make a decision (just how bad is cry-it-out?), you’re bombarded with conflicting opinions:

→ That book your sister swears by has 1-star reviews on Amazon
→ Your mother-in-law knows better than any mommy influencer
→ Your friends’ group disagrees with Facebook discussions

Does it really make a difference… and how are you supposed to decide? Beneath all that outside noise, you can barely hear your own thoughts—let alone that elusive “maternal instinct”.

You want to give your child the best.

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Parenting begins now, with your own inner work. And whether it's your first or fifth, each baby births a new version of you. Find practical resources to guide and support you during this transition.

Becoming Mother

Pregnancy & postpartum

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Your baby is more than just a doll to dress up and parade around. Build baby's brain during the first few months while getting to know them—and the new person you've suddenly become.

New Mother

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baby's first year

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Tantrums and messes and meltdowns, oh my! (And it's not yet 7am.) Learn parenting techniques so you can answer the questions on mom groups instead of posting them.

Deep in Motherhood

toddler & preschooler

get to know me

I've been there: wanting to do everything right and not knowing where to begin. I knew what kind of mother I wanted to be, just not how to actually get there.

1 degree (Master's in Education), 7+ years, hundreds of books, thousands of virtual students later... I've kind of figured it out. And I want you to know it, too.

Now, I'm far enough along to guide you—and with 4 kids, still very much in it to remember what it's like!

I'm Mushka.

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