Maximize the early months

The first year is a blur of feeding session and napping schedules. It seems that baby doesn't do much other than look cute and wait to get old enough to do something. But so much happens in those first months—in their brain and in yours.

When you're aware of the potential, you can tune into what's going on to give baby a head start and learn the importance of your own role.

baby's first year

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Why moms rave about this one-of-a-kind product:

✔ Entertains baby for hours
✔ Strengthens and exercises their eyesight
✔ AND fills their environment with Torah images for their subconscious mind to absorb like a sponge

Support your newborn's eye development with Jewish images

Mother's Mindset Shifts Ahead

Wish baby came with instructions?
My all-in-one program, A Motherhood Manual, is your crash course.

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Need some hand-holding or insight into your unique situation? Our one-hour sessions will bring you clarity.


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