your best Seder

How do you make the Seder fun for everyone... without adding more to your endless to-do list?

This FREE guide is jam-packed with:
  • No-prep perspectives
  • Helpful reminders to take care of YOU
  • Practical suggestions for setting your kids up for success on a late Seder night
  • Examples of how to make the table engaging with toys (totally optional!)
  • If you really want to get crazy, some ideas of fun extras to purchase

"Mommy, Pesach is my favorite!" is up ahead


    get to know me

    I've been there: wanting to do everything right and not knowing where to begin. I knew what kind of mother I wanted to be, just not how to actually get there.

    1 degree (Master's in Education), 7+ years, hundreds of books, thousands of virtual students later... I've kind of figured it out. And I want you to know it, too.

    Now, I'm far enough along to guide you—and with 4 kids, still very much in it to remember what it's like!

    I'm Mushka.

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